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K9 Kitchen Raw Dog Food in Owen Sound

Choice Pet Food for DOGS or CATS

There are so many benefits to feeding a raw food diet including healthy skin and coat, solid formed stools (less poop), better behaviour, cleaner teeth, better digestion, reduction in allergies, helps with hips/joints and keeps your pet slim and trim… The list goes on. Best of all, your dog and cat loves to eat its food now. At least at our home mealtime is a big event!

Trina Render, B.Sc.Agr., HHP created Pets 4 life product years ago (one of the first pioneers to develop the raw diet) and helped many pets become healthier as a result of consuming a whole foods diet that Nature intended them to eat. If you are interested in feeding a raw pet food diet to your pet. She has made it convenient to make your own in order to save your money. The recipe will cost $50 plus HST. It is a balanced diet to help your pet feel it’s optimum.

You can feed a 50 lbs dog for as little as $3 per day and that becomes very affordable. Cats would cost less than 75 cents per day to feed this diet.

The focus is prevention – by feeding a healthy diet to your dog or cat. This will hopefully decrease the number of veterinarian visits. But overall, enhance the quality of your pet’s life.

To order YOUR RAW PET FOOD RECIPE for $50 plus HST, please call 519 416 6600 or email. NOTE: this recipe does not make any warranties or claims as there can be many different explanations for different results obtained.

Feel free to ask us any questions using the contact form, we look forward to helping your dog or cat stay healthy.