Nutritional Consulting



Are you overweight?
Do you feel sluggish and don’t know why?
Do you have skin issues?
Trina will listen and try to find solutions to what may ail you.
There are many parameters to consider when restoring balance in the body.

Feel free to contact us at Trina Render Holistic by email or phone.

Note: Prior to  your appointment, we will get you to fill out the following information sheets. They help us be able to put a program in place. The following forms are: Disclaimer, Client Intake form, Optimum Nutrition, Diet Questionnaire. We will email you the forms prior to your appointment. Thank-you 

Note: All appointments are done in your home.
Note: This price includes travel time to your home within 30 minute radius of Owen Sound. Mileage extra if beyond 30 minutes radius of Owen Sound.

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$75 /hour of consulting.

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