Our Services

We provide the following services to help your understand your health better. We are not offering a “cure” but rather providing information to help you make your decision.

The following services available:

Quantum Health Analyzer – similar to the biofeedback mechanism but only reads the body’s health and does not correct any imbalance.  There are 2 options available 1. you can simply have a 1 minute scan and take 2 hours to review the results (80 pages) in an appointment or 2. you can choose option 1 plus have a personal lifestyle plan put together and a second appointment to review the lifestyle plan. Retesting is available as well.  A report is given to outline what health issues may exist. If you are needing a more complete health analysis, this would fall under Nutrition Consulting.  I can also look at your supplements to see if they are needed but this a different service. $40/hour for muscle testing of supplements.

Nutrition Consulting – have questions about what you are eating? concerned about your health and need a nutrition plan?

Kitchen Clean-Up Consulting – Are you concerned that you are not eating healthy but do not know where to start to clean up the foods in your fridge, freezer or cupboards?  Are there foods that you are unsure if they are safe to eat? Do you need help reading labels?

All services provided in your home.  This prices include travel time to your home within 30 minute radius of Owen Sound. Mileage extra if beyond 30 minutes radius of Owen Sound.