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What is the Scalar/Quantum Wave Laser?

The Scalar/Quantum Wave Laser (QWL) is the ultimate blend of Cold Laser/Low Level Laser and Frequency Medicine, representing one of the most effective healing technologies! It is loaded with pre-programmed frequencies that rejuvenate the mind/body at a cellular level by donating photonic energy to reduce inflammation, enhance production of ATP, and encourage analgesic effects. It is FDA cleared for inflammation, arthritis, pain, acne, to promote relaxation and increase circulation.

It has been scientifically proven that when the mind/body is holding stress, it can create blockages throughout, which then can lead to imbalance and dis-ease. QWL Therapy gently and effectively unwinds stress and tension while dissolving old holding patterns at the cellular level which erases cellular memory to support healing.

The QWL affects the cells like charging a battery that has lost its power.

​Benefits of QWL Therapy

  • Non-toxic; no side effects; painless & non-invasive
  • Drug free extremely safe and cost effective
  • Decrease/eliminate pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Strengthens immune and endocrine systems
  • Increases circulation & activates lymphatic flow
  • Promotes new blood vessels and tissue growth
  • Promotes nerve axon growth & regeneration
  • Faster wound healing and closure
  • Superior alternative to analgesics, NSAID’s, other medications and other modalities
  • Virtually no contraindications
  • Arthritis, Joint stiffness
  • Promoting relaxation of muscle tissue
  • Hair growth
  • Lymph Activation
  • Skin Relief
  • Hormonal, Organ, Gland & Chakra Balancing
  • Scar Tissue Repair
  • Immune Enhancement
  • Cellular Detoxification & Healing

How QWL Works

Our bodies produce energy in the mitochondria….and the mitochondria’s function is to produce ATP … The amount of ATP produced is a reflection of how much energy we have available in our bodies to carry out such actions as to heal, repair and live our lives fully.
The QWL donates coherent light and electrons to stimulate the cell to produce more ATP This energy transforms damaged cells to healthy cells. When the cells are healthy with this life supporting oxygen, it is able to repair itself; osmosis states that no nutrient can transfer across a depolarized membrane or injured cell. The QWL re-polarizes sick and injured cellular membranes, which then allows nutrients to transfer from blood to cell.

Research has shown that low level laser therapy can increase cellular ATP (body fuel) by as much as 150%.
When the mind/body is injured physically and emotionally, this stress can damage the cells so they fail to function adequately. When old cellular memory is not cleared, new cells are not able to attain their full state of homeostasis.

For example, when the adrenals are unwound, the sympathetic nervous system unwinds. This process activates key neurotransmitters and hormones to help free the body of stress and tension, while inducing a sense of well-being. The goal is to clear excess stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline from the body, so the body can repair itself, like it was designed to do.

Excess adrenaline and cortisol is the biggest epidemic on the planet today and is responsible for everything from chronic pain, high blood pressure, dis-ease and premature aging. Studies show that when our adrenals are constantly releasing these hormones, other glands shut down and the cells are signaled to turn off

Low level lasers penetrate into the cell walls via the skin and work by restoring these abnormal cellular functions. Some physiologic effects include improved metabolism, circulation, tissue healing and well being.

Unlike high-power medical lasers, which are widely used to cut and burn tissue, the QWL penetrates the surface of the skin with little or no heating effect or damage to tissues. The energy is directed deep into the treatment area stimulating the body’s cells which convert the light energy into chemical energy to promote natural healing, the way we were designed to do.

​What Happens During a Treatment?

A brief history is taken, then you will be asked to lie down on a massage table. The laser is placed on various parts of your body, preferably next to the skin. You will feel a state of relaxation and a soothing warm feeling. It is completely painless and non-invasive. The results have been phenomenal, assisting your body to heal long-term injuries and conditions very quickly.

How Many Treatments Would I Need?

Depends upon the circumstances. 6-10 sessions at 1-3 times a week is recommended for most issues. Cold lasers have been in use around the world for over 30 years and have been in use in the North America for over 20 years. Low level laser therapy or cold laser therapy has been proven completely safe and very effective in over 5000 worldwide studies.

Also works with pets to help restore their cells back to balance for  various health conditions. 

Common Treatable Conditions:

  • Arthritis

No clinically tested modality is proven to be more effective for arthritis than low level laser therapy. While arthritis is a chronic condition without a cure, low level laser treatments can provide substantial relief from symptoms by reducing inflammation of the joints, eliminating pain, increasing range of motion of the joints and improving immune cell production and efficiency.
Neuro-muscular Skeletal conditions are common in all of us. We can all experience sprains, strains and pain resulting from repetitive use or from an injury. The QWL is modern therapeutic technology that heals injuries safely and effectively on a cellular level.
The QWL can penetrate up to 4 inches into the tissue, to promote cellular regeneration at the source of injury. Laser energy helps to repair damaged cells by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

  • Wound Healing

Laser treatments accelerate each of the three phases associated with the natural healing of wounds: inflammation, proliferation and collagen synthesis. The result is a reduction in pain, inflammation, increased stimulation of connective tissue and increased capillary production leading to improved blood flow during proliferation.

  • Anti-Aging

Low level laser is designed for anti-aging, facial rejuvenation and the treatment of various dermatological conditions. This non-invasive system erases years of lines and wrinkles without surgery or painful recuperation time. By combining laser/acupuncture to facial points, treatments optimize skin health and appearance through the production of collagen and elastin, both essential to healthier more youthful skin.

  • Addiction Rehabilitation + Weight Loss

Low Level Lasers provide effective treatment for smoking, drug and alcohol addictions, as well as weight loss, through stimulating specific points in the ear causing the brain to release neurotransmitters such as endorphins, dopamine , serotonin and oxytocin that help to break the addiction cycle.

​Using the principals of ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy), it targets specific ear points to induce the brain chemistry to release these neurotransmitters, aka the pleasure chemicals, to travel throughout the mind/body, which helps to break the addiction cycle by eliminating cravings. Low levels of these neurotransmitters can be one reason for having an addiction.

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