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Book an Appointment

We are presently accepting  appointments at 10 am &  2pm Tuesday to Friday. There will be 2 Saturdays available per month (10am). Please contact us if you require a more suitable time

Services Available

Nutrition Consultation for Pets or People
$75 – 1 Hour

Quantum Health Analysis
$125 – 2.5 Hours
Retest $75 – 1 hour with consult
Retest $35 no consult

Note: I will muscle test 5 supplements that you currently have to see if they agree with you energetically. If you want me to muscle test for more than 5 supplements, then I charge $40 + HST for this service ( up to 1 hour). 


Quantum Scalar Laser Therapy
$75  (30 to 60 minutes)
Package of 3 sessions – $204
Package of 5 sessions – $300


Biomarker Testing
$139.99 – 1 Hour

Booking with our Calendar

You may book your service appointment online below by clicking on an available date.
Payment at time of services – Debit, Visa, MasterCard, cash
If you are having any issues please contact us at 519-416-6600 or by email at info@trinarenderholistic.com

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